Tuesday, June 5, 2018


We're going local on this month's edition of the Pedersen Recovery Rodcast!

Regina radio personality Mark Johnston is making big waves across the province with his fun on-air persona and carefree approach to life. However his life wasn't always this way.

The 28-year old Regina product - and former junior hockey player - saw his life spiral to the bottom due to a battle with alcohol and drugs.

In this month's Recovery podcast, Mark takes us on his remarkable journey detailing his drinking career, introduction to drugs, his life-changing decision to enter Recovery and what his life's like now.

We also delve into some issues we've never covered on this show before like why he made the decision to go public with his story, and, how a sober person celebrates important milestones in life whether they be in Recovery or otherwise.

Pedersen Recovery Inc. is sponsored by Fine Foods Grocery Stores, Milk2Go Sport and CJ Evans Home Designs and their generous support makes all of our services possible including interventions, this podcast, public speaking and one-on-one coaching for those struggling with addictions.

I think you'll love our interview with Mark! Click below:

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