Sunday, May 6, 2018


It's a bonus edition of the Pedersen Recovery Podcast because we have an interview that just can't wait!

Dr. Wendy Gore-Hickman is a Saskatoon anesthesiologist who identifies herself as an addict. That's because she is. But she's an addict in Recovery.

Wendy will be the keynote speaker at the annual Recovery Day Regina luncheon on September 19/2018 at the Conexus Art Centre, telling her Recovery success story. It's an event I've spoken at twice before, and is my favourite function of the year.

In this podcast you can enter to win two seats at my table at the luncheon!

Hopefully you're like me, and get a ton out of this interview with Wendy. She's not afraid to discuss her mistakes in life, and in Recovery, if it helps others.

She truly is a remarkable woman and I'm proud to say is our first female guest on the podcast! She's also the first interview with someone outside the sports & entertainment fields. I knew I wouldn't be able to limit this podcast to guests just in those arenas.

Addiction touches everyone.

Shoutout to our Pedersen Recovery sponsors Fine Foods, Milk2Go Sport and CJ Evans Home Designs. They make everything we do possible including this podcast, interventions, sober coaching, public speaking and sober events. Please support them!

Now, our interview with Dr. Wendy Gore-Hickman:

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