Saturday, April 28, 2018


Saskatchewan was rocked on April 6, 2018 by the devastating bus crash which took the lives of 16 players and staff of the Humboldt Broncos hockey club.

Remarkably, Broncos Assistant Coach Chris Beaudry - who celebrated his 4-year sober anniversary the day before the accident - survived the catastrophe simply because he was driving on his own to the playoff game in Nipawin, SK.

He wasn't on the bus.

Beaudry - a farmer from St. Front, SK and married father of two - has been very vocal about his sobriety, appearing in interviews and podcasts across North America since he made the positive life change in 2014.

And for the purposes of this Recovery podcast, Beaudry wanted to share his Recovery story and how it relates to the devastating circumstances in which he currently finds himself with the Broncos. If he can help someone, he wants to be that positive influence in their life.

When the interview was completed in the parking lot of a church in Northwest Regina, I asked Chris if he was happy with how it went.  "Yes," he smiled. "Very happy."

In the podcast you'll discover:

- Chris's Recovery story.

- What his life was like before sobriety and what it's like now.

- His daily self-care regimen.

- Why he thinks he survived and his best friends, and "sons", did not.

- How he's coping with the Broncos tragedy and helping the families of others.

It's a very emotional and fairly graphic interview in which Coach Beaudry holds nothing back. If that sounds like it may be too much for you, I encourage you NOT to listen.

You can access the show here:

As always thank you to Pedersen Recovery Inc. sponsors Fine Foods, Saputo Dairy's Milk2Go Sport and C.J. Evans Home Designs for their continued support of our Recovery efforts and this podcast. 

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